Monday, 15 May 2023

Back from a spontaneous weekend in Normandy, with Mathilde and Max (in the bag). Same same but different to the weekend prior, where we only had Lise with us. May is on, full throttle. With all its holidays and long weekends. Doesn’t really change much for me though, but it’s a pleasant period nevertheless. I sort of finished the structural work for the new mezzanine at the cottage, and struggle with a weirdly behaving body. Either I am poorly responding to physical work, or I am truly getting old. Probably both. Anyway, we returned from Normandy with a funky new old Dacia Logan that will soon move to Mailly and patiently spend his next life chapter at the gare waiting for us.

Monday, 8 May 2023

What? Almost a month went by without me reporting back? A return trip from Pantin to Maupertuis by bike, a long inter-generational work week at the cottage, and quite some more things happened. Next career step and divorce is still in limbo though, but I’m doing just fine.

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Easter vacations are done, last night I returned save and sound from Germany with Max in the ICE. For the first time in four years and largely due to the corona mess I’ve finally met my larger family: uncles & aunts, cousins and a bunch of new kids that I’ve never met. Max got his dose of Easter happiness (it is so cute to believe in Osterhase, I’m endlessly jealous of him), and myself my dose of calm and disconnectivity (well, I did spent playing chess a fair bit). These days I am working harder than ever before on getting my fitness back to normal, in less than 4 weeks I’m going to cycle the Alps on my sixth chapter of my Tour de France (since 2015)! I haven’t been outside on my bicycle for a very long time, but Zwift paired with my home trainer is providing just what I need to spin legs and wheel. Nice to Annecy, with a bunch of cols that I am currently retracing since I didn’t consider them being still closed… which is unfortunately the case for several of what I initially put on my plate. Back to planning mode, then training mode, then road mode.

Friday, 7 April 2023 Le Pré

It’s April, it’s almost Easter, and I’m about to jump on a train with Max and the cat to join family for some beautiful days in Germany. Wind of change is blowing again, good that spring and sun is out to ease transition. Next point, very soon.

Monday, 27 March 2023

One more week until next week!