Change of scenery: last night we arrived in the Baronnies provençales almost at the foot of majestic Mont Ventoux. With the local annual village party, succeeded by David-Bowie-themed fireworks. Impressive!

A very beautiful drive through the Drôme with its ups and downs, cols and rivers brought us here, and could've only be topped by doing it on a bicycle: Col de la Menée (who's scenic lacets made Max throw up), Col de Prémol, Col d'Ey. A swim stop at gorgeous Saut de Drôme with a barefoot-rock-climbing-with-a-baby-on-the-shoulders session (don't do this at home) was another highlight.

One final week of camping vacation, it's gonna be hot.

Sun:09.Aug.20 Châ

On our way from Isère to Drôme, a big week at Anne-Laure & Gilles’ Ferme du Grand Veymont amidst animals, mountains and more animals. A delicious dip in Lake Montenyard, a (lengthy) hike along that same lake to a lengthy Himalayan hanging bridge, a drive to Mens (alors), a hike with Anna the donkey to Le Mésnil, some four non-daily routine runs, a climb to le Col du Pas de la Ville, a Königsetappenwanderung along the Crête du Serpaton, some delicious ice cream from a local restaurant, the Monday market at Gresse, and of course the Accrobranche climbing parc at the foot of Mont Aiguille... plus all the less exciting memorable things that already slipped my mind. We have now another week a little further South in the Baronnies provençales. Summer 2020 is going strong, 3 more weeks until the Tour gets rolling (and I am finally proudly equipped with an unofficial and the official Programme du Tour).


Bienvenue à la ferme ! I am testing the direct image upload, but quality is well below mediocre. I guess I need to finetune the server-side image treatment before I can rely on this convenient way of serving images on the fly. Back to the mountains, back to being offline :)


It's hot outside (they announced 40° C), and hot inside my work box (walk-in wardrobe of decent 1.3 m²), but this doesn't matter since I am almost on vacation... for two weeks straight. No photos on planetkris since October last year, and still no Photoshop licence in sight. I'm now taking advantage of a 7-day free trial to serve some summer pictures from earlier this week (not to be mixed up with one from two years ago), and hope to soon find a future-proof way of serving fresh pixels over this tracking and ad and venture-capital-free platform. Bear with me.

Mon:20.Jul.20 Mailly-le-Châ

Hooray, we just made the second Maupertuis state-of-things movie, 5 years after the first episode (that we watched right afterwards together with Max, who didn't stop to wow everything he discovered). In the meanwhile we are waiting for the plumber to shut down the fresh water leakage, that continues to wet the dryland. Thirty degrees, a comet at night, and sun all day: summer everywhere! The only missing piece is the Tour de France and some more time off, but thanks to Corona I can at least work remotely all the time (Internet bandwidth is back to 3.9/.8 after a terrific .6/.6 last night). Two more weeks until vacation, les Baronnies and le massif du Vercors are going to be discovered. While I'm waiting to massively recharge my batteries there I keep my daily running streak alive, with the counter being at 35. Not to mention the one-go ride from Pantin to Maupertuis last month. Fitness returns, and I could even imagine to run a marathon again (a pocket format, namely a half marathon, is planned for October... Paris' March edition is being pushed back by Corona and newly scheduled for this autumn).