Sunday, 9 June 2024

First vote in ten years, and once again for the EU Parliament elections. And just like ten years ago, from France. Pantin this time. My week with the baby and the week-end with both kids finally went by fast and smooth, it’s been only a matter of matching habits. Done.

Saturday, 8 June 2024

Three weekends in a row in Maupertuis, with my entire family (mum, dad and both sisters with their families) being around last weekend. Weather was awful, but nephew and drone pilot Clemens took got some impressive shots and scared me a fair bit when my Macbook stopped booting following the image transfer from his drone to my laptop. Les Petits Génies in Paris not only saved my laptop (plus all my data, which I obviously didn’t backup for a while) but also did it for free. Lucky me. Currently I’m at home with both of my kids, baby Effi and long-haired Max. Mathilde is out of town for a work trip to Slovenia, it’s a nice place she said. I’m also back in my home-trainer since next week I’ll be cycling les 7 majeurs with Victor and Édouard (only Charly will be missing from the 2021-Pyrénées-crossing-from-West-to-East crew) after some long weeks of little to know workouts.

Friday, 24 May 2024

Bureaucracy everywhere! I really hope that I managed to deal with most of what’s currently being thrown at me from the evil world of bureaucracy, I’m pretty close to burning out or truly adopt an administration phobia. I navigated through and just filed my most complex tax return with a particularly packed last year: the divorce, the creation of my micro-entreprise and some sold BlaBlaCar stock on top of all the rest made things more complicated than usual. I had to register a loan for our soon-to-be-acquired new apartment in busy Bobigny, living in the poorest French department with unbelievable 1.6 million poor people didn’t help to get an appointment as well as clear answers to prepare the paperwork. And finally I had to walk the walk regarding all the paperwork linked to being self-employed, with overdue and never-heard-about tax filings and paper forms that are at best contradictory and oftentimes just impossible to complete. Headaches all over, and even though I moved places almost precisely one year ago, I haven’t managed to officially change my micro-entreprise‘s domicile due to a chain of pain that is still leading nowhere. This, and acquiring the apartment are hopefully the last paper-monsters of the year, my energy to deal with all that is long depleted. Time to hit the rails to get to the cottage and breath the air of freedom.

Monday, 13 May 2024

What a weekend! I returned to France’s most famous beach ultimate tournament, which I only played twice before (in 2005 with Les Anges des Monts and 2010 with Prapoutel). And what a tournament it was. Invited back in winter during Jano’s 50th birthday surprise party, I joined a huge bunch of former teammates and friends, most of whom I haven’t seen for at least a decade to surprise Iznogood-legend Chris for his 50th birthday surprise party. He only knew that he’d play the tournament, but got dragged into our All-Star-loaded team that not only had endless fun but also decent success by coming in third. Along I brought the entire family, showing Mathilde that weird sport and its magnificent community that played a major part in my earlier life. Effi discovered the ocean and the beach for the first time, Max dug happily for hours under the hot sun with tournament-friend Marcel, and Lise turned into a fish, spending as much time as possible in the water. The only dark spot was the road that brought us to that cute place Le Pouliguen 460km south-west of Paris: together with millions of other fools we got massively blocked by traffic, we were traffic! It took us about 10 hours to get to our destination, unimaginable. It took us over four hours to get to 80-minutes distant Chartres, I would’ve been faster by bicycle. Instead of renting a car we’ll take the train next time, no matter the cost. We’ve been smarter on our way back, leaving at 6 in the morning to entirely avoid return traffic. And it worked: it took us less time to do the 380km to Chartres then on the way out.

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Back from a week at the cottage, that started with beautiful summer heat (breakfast in the garden, swimming pool for the kids and barbecue at night) and turned into some gruel cold. Dad the builder, assisted by myself, made huge progress in the dormitory, with a new window being installed as well as a the first part of a new floor. I’m pretty done after this combination of work, babysitting and kids entertainment, thankfully Mathilde avait tout prévue and took care of basically everything. Next week the three radiators, that froze to death over a year ago, will be replaced, and then that big new space will be open to public throughout the summer. Five months Effi today, and back into work routine to switch from exercising my muscles to exercising my brain.